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Cisco Aironet 1200(AIR-AP1231G-A-K9) Wireless access point

I need to setup a room with one wireless printer, one wireless projector and 25 wireless desktop computers. I am planning to buy Cisco Aironet 1200 series. Printer and Projector are supported 802.11b only

1) Will they be compatible with Cisco Aironet 1200 series If I configure all desktop running 54 Mbps.

2) Do I need to use console cable to configure Cisco 1200 Series or I just connect RJ-45 port to the switch. and configure it by using internet browser

please give me the hint.I've never working with Ciso product. I don't know cisco command much. Please help me to get the righ equiments thanks


Re: Cisco Aironet 1200(AIR-AP1231G-A-K9) Wireless access point

The Cisco 1200 series is compatible with a 802.11b card. So if you want to access wireless products such as printers that work with 802.11b you have to get a 1200 AP that has a 802.11b card in it.

Also you can use a console cable or a ethernet cable to connect to the AP and configure it.

New Member

Re: Cisco Aironet 1200(AIR-AP1231G-A-K9) Wireless access point

If I want to get a 1230 AP, what client devices I should get ? Do I need a dual band wireless pci adapter ? because Projector and Printer run B mode. Or I only get b/g mode card



Re: Cisco Aironet 1200(AIR-AP1231G-A-K9) Wireless access point

The 1200 with a "g" radio will do what you want.

802.11g provides backward compatibility to 802.11b. The downside is that you will lose some performance in "g" mode if "b" radios are also associated.

This is because "b" and "g" use different types of signaling and normally wouldn't be able to see each other (other than as random interference ... they are on the same channels / frequencies).

To prevent that, the "g" radio in the AP goes into "protect mode" and send headers in "b"-compatible format ... so the 'b' stations know that there is traffic on the channel ... then switches back to "g" mode.

That process of switching modes reduces the efficiency (it takes time to switch and stabilize, then switch again, then stabilize...).

I've seen estimates from ~25% - ~60% reduction in throughput ... I'd be inclined to go with the 25%-30% range. I've never tested it directly ... your results may vary.

OF course, if you have a few spare dollars laying around, you could get a dual mode AP; run the desktops on 802.11a (54Mbps) and run the printers and projector from the 802.11g side. They will still be able to talk through the BVI.

The AP1200 comes out of the box with the Ethernet address of You can configure it with a browser, or you can configure it with the included console cable (just set the IP address of BVI1 to whatever you need)

Good Luck


New Member

Re: Cisco Aironet 1200(AIR-AP1231G-A-K9) Wireless access point

Hi, Scott

thanks for giving a good information. I choose Cisco 1230 AP or 1231 AP. which one do you prefer ? I also want to know which client device I need ? Do I need dual band wireless pci adpater? or I only need Supper G which compatibale with b/g Access Point. as you mentioned, Printer and Projector will run G mode and desktops will run A mode.


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