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Cisco AP (AP1131) - Showing congestion

Customer has a Cisco AP (AP1131) deployed in his cafe. However, due to the high volume of wireless density usage, users often find slowness in surfing the websites. The AP is deployed in standalone mode (w/o WLC). There seems to be no bottleneck on the internet bandwidth pipe, where the wireless network is connecting to a 10Mbps internet of the Service Provider.

Customer is querying if he could generate some concrete reports/proof to justify to his management that there is a bottle neck for the user to access wireless internet at his cafe.

Is there anything we can do on the AP to show the congestion within the AP?

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Re: Cisco AP (AP1131) - Showing congestion

Cisco Recomends not to use more than 20 to 24 clients per AP since wireless is half duplex.. How many clients are getting connected to the AP??

"Show dot11 assosiations all" command will let us know the currect clients connected along with the speeds...



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Re: Cisco AP (AP1131) - Showing congestion

Hi Surendra,

I understand the usual practise is to have around 24 clients attached per AP. However, there seems to be lots of users in the (probably more than 40 users) cafe.

Understand we could get a snapshot of the number of users that are connecting to the particular AP. That should show in MAC address table of the AP in the GUI.

Do you have a snapshot of the "Show dot11 assosiations all" command that show the currect clients connected along with the speeds?

Does it show us the speed or signal strength of each client?

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Re: Cisco AP (AP1131) - Showing congestion

Does it show us the speed or signal strength of each client?

Yes it does.  If you put the client MAC address at the end, like "sh dot11 as " look for the value of "Signal Strength" and "Signal to Noise ".  Another thing to look out for is the proliferation of 802.11b (2.4Ghz).  Maybe something else is operating at similar channels and you need to sniff the air and change the channels to your AP.

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Re: Cisco AP (AP1131) - Showing congestion

The thread of what he says leolaohoo, It´s more probably that you have a lot of interferences or noise from the others 802.11devices (aps from another shops or coffee shops) or no 802.11 device ( for example a microwave oven could you break your conections).

If you can make a survey using a Spectrum expert you will more information about the issues you can be affected.

I suggest you configure the following command to allow to the Ap to be able to change to the least congented channel. (at interface level).

"channel least congested 1 6 11" This command allows the ap to change the channel between the 1, 6 or 11 channel searching the least congested at any time.

Good luck.

Best regards.

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