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New Member

Cisco LEAP extensions in Centrino integrated wireless cards


I downloaded the current drivers for the wireless NIC from Dell. I'm using the configuration GUI that comes with it. I'm not getting very far when I try to connect to the AP.

I am wondering if I have to use the Cisco Client to configure the NIC? Or is the GUI that comes with the laptop (Intel(R)ProSet) the one to use?



Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco LEAP extensions in Centrino integrated wireless cards

Hi Kim,

Does the GUI that you have the option to enable Cisco LEAP and configure it ? If so that should be ok to use.

The Cisco ACU is only designed to work with a Cisco card.

If you think you have it configured correctly and it is not working then run the EAP debugs/diags on the AP and see where it is getting to in the process


New Member

Re: Cisco LEAP extensions in Centrino integrated wireless cards


Thanks for the input. After enabling/disabling various options, and contacting Dell, we came to the conclusion that it won't work.

Even though the Dell website claims it is interoperable, the wireless tech support person I spoke to when I opened a case said, "We just tell people it doesn't support LEAP because it doesn't work".

So, the only way I could get it to work was to disable MIC and "Cisco" on the AP Security Settings/VLAN and leave them at

none. On the client side, I enabled all the Cisco extensions, and included a login id and password.

I could see the authentication process on our ACS working and the client would be associated and authenticated on the AP.


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