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Cisco LWAP client count concentration


I have an environment of Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller and 1142N Access Points. I have a problem with the ratio of concentration of clients connecting to Access points in floors.

Recently I have been turning off 802.11a  on the access points and I am seeing increase in client count in a few of acces points.

Here is the snapshot..


What is the maximum client count supported by these access points and how do i ensure they are distributed evenly on access points?


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Re: Cisco LWAP client count concentration

The average that they say is around 25 per radio. Now you can have a lot more 60+ or less depending on the applications being used. If the traffic is HTML, email, Citrix... You can have a lot of devices on an ap, if your dousing video or uploading video, even voice calls, you might want less. Why turn off the 5ghz?

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Cisco LWAP client count concentration

I guess having around 25 is ok in our environment since there are not really so much video apps that we are running and things are running smooth..

In terms of 5GHz , we thought it will enable increase the performance in 2.4Ghz when we get rid of 5Ghz . Most of the laptops have b/g/n support and shutting them down dint really pose any issues. I started disabling a/n on a few APs when I ran in to the client count issue..

Thanks for the clarification for client count..

Any comments on 5GHz?

Is it still a good idea to enable load balancing?


Cisco LWAP client count concentration

Can you elaborate on your intentions again?

You are saying that you are shutting off A radios (5Ghz) and expecting to improve the performance of 2.4Ghz?

Generally speaking, the more you move off of 2.4Ghz toward 5Ghz, the better your 2.4Ghz performance will be (less is more).  If you have any dual-band clients, most people would be looking to get those clients onto the 5Ghz (A) Radio which is where the Band Select feature comes in to play....

I guess I'm just not following the logic of disabling 5Ghz radios....

If you're trying to improve performance, I'd chose Band Select over Load-Balancing,  in an attempt to move clients over to 5Ghz.  If your clients are only b/g/n (2.4Ghz) then thats a non issue, and load-balancing would distribute clients across the APs but it comes with an expense of potentially slower roams...

Cisco LWAP client count concentration

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