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Cisco wireless authentication

is it even possible to setup some sort of authentication using a cisco access point + controller in such a way that the user will be presented with a login page where they will enter the login credentials which will be passed to an asp/php like page that will determine if the user is valid or not and return some sort of code to the cisco controller to deny/allow user access?.  I am just wondering if it's even possible to do it in order to explore it further.

thanks in advance for taking time to answer my question.


Hi,I hope this is what you


I hope this is what you are looking for.

Not sure about your requirement to authenticate based on asp/php but there are three ways you can authenticate the user according to above link. 1) Local (username and password) created on WLC 2) External radius server 3)LDAP.

Hope that helps.



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HelloWhat i understand from


What i understand from your requirement is , you are looking for Web authentication kind of security .

Here you go with the below links and those has all types of authentication configuration steps and its understandings.

Please read below.

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if you are looking for web

if you are looking for web authentication with AP,WLC and external Identity store then you can check the following


You can use Identity service Engine as External Radius server along with AP , WLC and Microsoft AD or any LDAP as indentity store this solution will give you better Web authentication you are looking for also some great features like Guest management (self registration,sponsor,Hot spot.. etc) BYOD, profiling,posture and good policy enforcement features. for more check here


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