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Cisco wireless controller and Lantronix

I have a friend I am trying to  help out.  here is the situation. THey have a cisco 5500 series wireless controller now, not sure what they were using before. They have a Lantronix device that allows them to print from their iphone. Since putting in the cisco device, they have not been able to send print commands from the iphone. We can ping the printers from the cisco WC and from the phone, lantronix doesnt have a ping utility. The software version of the cisco WC is and the software version of the lantronix is 1.0.0-64. My first question is, do we still need the lantronix? Can my friend  just use the cisco WC to send print commands from his iphone? If that is not an option, are there any known issues with having the lantronix and cisco device communicate to each other? If anyone has a similar set up and was able to get it to work, id be gratefull for any help. 

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Hi Ray,Cisco 5508 Wireless

Hi Ray,

Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller for Aironet AP's.  we are not support this device under Cisco small business. I think you port your question under wrong support community.

here correct support community




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