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Cisco WLC 5508 V Help

I have a WLC 5508, that has been working with AIR LAP 1522 AG-E-K9 and AIR LAP 1142N E K9 access points. I have deployed two

AIR-CAP1552E-A-K9 AP's on the WLC. I had to upgrade to Version, and had to set the country code to US ( Was ZA). The good news is that on US country code the new 1552's works great.

My problem now is to get the existing 1522 and 1142 AP's to work in conjunction with the 1552's on US country code.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You in advance.


Re: Cisco WLC 5508 V Help


Multiple country codes are not supported for MESH APs.

You can only choose one country if you are using MESH APs whatever the model is.

If you have MESH APs with multiple country regulatories I think the only way to go is to replace your APs so all of them to be under same regulatory.

Features Not Supported on Mesh Networks

These controller features are not supported on mesh networks:

  • Multi-country support
  • Load-based CAC (Mesh networks support only bandwidth-based, or static, CAC.)
  • High availability (fast heartbeat and primary discovery join timer)
  • EAP-FASTv1 and 802.1X authentication
  • EAP-FASTv1 and 802.1X authentication
  • Locally significant certificate
  • Location-based services




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Cisco WLC 5508 V Help

Multiple country configuration for mesh deployments is not supported. However, if you configure more than one country on controller and then try to join mesh APs, they do join even if the APs are in different domains, as long as a country of that domain is present on controller.

Problem is MAP in -N domain joining RAP in -A domain. Note that this can have serious implication as the channel on RAP downlink can be DFS on one domain and non DFS on other domain. It affects TPC as well. And it is serious FCC violation.

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