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Cisco WLC 5508 with 3702APs - mobile hotspot for 2000 Guest users

Cisco WLC 5508 with 3702APs - mobile hotspot for 2000 Guest users

I've been given a fantastic "opportunity" by my boss to use our existing wireless infrastructure to provide internet access to potentially upto 2000 VIP guests arriving with BYOD devices, in a very densely populated area for a 3 day event. We are talking an area of approx 200m x 15m. Think of it as an awards ceremony/concert. The solution will also be mobile so we will be using internet breakout from different telcos as it will move to approx 20 countries. The area is also incredibly densely populated with other wifi APs. I did a brief site survey and AirMagnet could detect over 2500 other 'rogue' APs from where I was stood! I hope CleanAir works!

We need a simple authentication method for them to connect with zero admin from our side. We don't want to just offer up a rolling daily PSK as that's a bit amateur and we don't really want the VIP guests sharing the PSK with others during their stay. Ideally they could self-provision by providing an email address.

I know the WLC can handle webauth for local users but I don't think it scales very well. ie I don't think I can offer the account to several hundred people.

Cisco ISE looks a very expansive (and expensive) product but I don't think we need all it's capabilities (do I?). It would be nice to just ask a potential user for their email address and grant them access and email them next year. I've seen Cisco NAC but that looks over the top too for just guest users who will only be accessing a shared internet connection.

I've seen 3rd party supposed software solutions from Kiosk Antamedia etc do they work with Cisco Enterprise WLC solutions?

We'd like to limit users to a certain (low) bandwidth and block (say) torrent traffic to keep the general user experience worthwhile.

Does anybody have any case study documents or experience of such a project? As well as the authentication it's how well the APs will handle the dense potential number of clients trying to connect in such a confined space. 

Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated from the knowledgeable community.




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