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Client 350 associates with wrong AP


I have a 350 client pcmcia card with the latest ACU, NDIS, Firmware the is associating between two AP's. One is a 1200 (12.02) with the better signal and the other is a 350 (12.02) weaker signal. The client is not associating with the stonger signal at all times causing email to faulter.

Can I setup something to force the client card to only associate to one or the other. ie manualy MAC association ?

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Re: Client 350 associates with wrong AP

Signal strength is not the only factor for a client card to determine which AP it will associate to.

Q: At what point do clients jump their association from one Access Point to another nearby AP?

A: The client will associate to a new AP if the following three conditions are true:

the signal strength the new AP is at least 50%

the percentage of time the transmitter is active is within 20% of the present AP

the number of users on the new AP is four fewer than those on the present AP


if the signal strength is not at least 50%


if the time the transmitter is in use is more than 20% greater than the present AP

then the client will not change, regardless of how many users are associated

It may be that you have a lot of interference on the AP that is stronger ??

Are the 2 AP's on different channels, if they are overlapping then they should be or they will interfer with each other, make sure they have the 2 channel seperation ie the best channels to use is 1 6 and 11 as that gives you 3 channels and non of them over lap you can use other combinations but they will only give you 2 channels such as 2 and 7 etc

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