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Client DHCP and VRF issus

Dear all,

The customer have two SSID. The SSID are Guest and Empolyee. As you can see from my customer PPT file, the switch have two VRFs.
The DHCP server is connect to VRF-ABRC and the SSID-ABRC can get IP form the DHCP. But the SSID-Guest can't get any IP.

To solution this issus, the DHCP server was connexct to two VRF ( VRF ABRC and VRF ABRC-2 ) and the VLAN 184 must to configure VRF command "ip helper-address vrf ABRC x.x.x.x". The SSID-Guest can get IP.

I have one question for this topology. How can I to configure or change anything for the DHCP server was connect to ONE VRF( may ONLY connect to VRF-ABRC)?


Re: Client DHCP and VRF issus

Hi, Probably I can help, but can you please detail your question.

what is the issue?

thank you.

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Re: Client DHCP and VRF issus


As shown in the annex, the DHCP server have connect to 2 VLAN (VLAN 184 and VLAN 185) and the WLC  both SSID can be get IP from the DHCP server.
But, when the DHCP server only connect to VLAN 185 and the WLC SSID was setup to DHCP server is VLAN185. The SSID-guest can't get any IP and the SSID-employee can get IP .

How to setup the WLC forward dhcp packet to different VRF?


Re: Client DHCP and VRF issus

The whole point of VRF's is to isolate one group of network resources from another. If you want to have one DHCP server servicing clients on both of your SSIDs, then you have to either connect the server to both VRFs or move the two SSIDs onto the same VRF.

Perhaps another solution would be to serve DHCP for the guest network from the controller or from the router rather than from your main DHCP server.

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