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Client Ip address issue

I have a 1142 AP which is connected to the access switch. I have configured the AP but the problem seems when the client tries to connect to the AP he is not able to connect. I have checked all thr configurations and all the required vlans are allowed on the trunk ports.DHCP is enabled and utilization is below 40%. ALso i am able to ping the helper-address from the AP. I can ping the core switch AP Management Vlan.  The client can see the required SSID.

I tried to run log messages on AP and found messgaes related to autthentication. like deauthenticating station --reason : previous authentication not valid...repeatedly

I believe this is due to mismatch of keys in 802.1x WPA2 authentication. Please let me know in case anything else needs to be ascertained


Client Ip address issue

Can you post the AP config without the usernames/passwords etc?

Cisco Employee

Client Ip address issue

Its clearly shows the authentication issue...beteen client and AP and radius.

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