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Client not picking/dropping DCHP...

My Aironet 350 Workgroup bridge is connected to wired LAN through omnidirectional setup. Some of the computers on the LAN are able to pickup DHCP address while others are not. At times those who did pick up DHCP addresses will drop, making it very difficult to re-establish association . All clients have been configured for DHCPand have the latest firmware (Macs and PCs). Signal strength seems to be not an issue. At times, power down the router or switche temporary helps. What is going on?

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Re: Client not picking/dropping DCHP...

First if your routing through a Layer-3 switch for your wireless solution. Make sure the IP-Helper statement is on the config pointing to your DHCP servers.

Secondly, are your access points fighting each other to accept and knowledge the devices and workstations. This could confuse the devices and workstations as to what access point to grab the DHCP address from.

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Re: Client not picking/dropping DCHP...

Found out that 350 Workgroup bridge is not accepting more than 8 clients. After manually adding more than 8, it drops existing clients. Manual says it will accept more than 8 if entered manually. What the heck is going on? Help!!!

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Re: Client not picking/dropping DCHP...

The WGB is meant to connect (wirelessly) to an AP and provide wired connections for up to 8 clients at a remote site.

More than 8 clients? Wrong product. In that case, you either need a bridge (two actually, since a bridge at the remote site won't talk to the AP that the WGB was talking to), or you need a small router at the remote site, which will make the WGB think it is talking to only one wired client.

Matthew Wheeler

Chief Wireless Architect

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