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Clients not picking up DHCP

I have a 1300 outdoor bridge connecting to a remote building on our campus. Inside that building I have a 1200 and 4 1100 APs. There is no security set on the network itself and up until a few days ago everything was working fine. Now none of the clients can get dhcp address anymore. If I set the 1100s to dhcp they recieve an address with no trouble but anything associating to them recieve nothing. I have tried replacing the 1300s and the 1100s and all of the switches with diffrent equipment and still nothing. The APs are all connecting to the network fine but clients connecting to them can not get ipaddress.


Re: Clients not picking up DHCP

What is the lease period configured on the APs for the DHCP range. Sometimes it happens that the lease period does not expire and the Clients do not get the IP address because all the IP address would have been used. You can try resetting the AP to default setting and reconfiguring the AP for DHCP. This should work.

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Re: Clients not picking up DHCP

The lease period is 10 min. The weird thing is that I can plug into the 1300 bridge and get an IP address with no trouble and all of the 1100s can get IP address es with no trouble but if I go down and try to use the wireless then it can not get a dhcp address. I have no problems with the wireless points in my other buildings just the ones on the end of this 1300 bridge. If I take a 1100 or 1200 that works in one building and put it on the other end of the 1300 bridge same thing happens.

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