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Companies Using WPA

Anyone aware of any Major Corporation Implemented WPA in their Wireless Infrasturcture?

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WPA is technically a

WPA is technically a certification, not a security standard, but since it includes only one security protocol, TKIP, they are often confused. When people refer to WPA security, they are really referring to the TKIP protocol.

The combination of WPA and TKIP is not the best, but it's reasonably good. If you have a choice, you should opt for the best security, but if you don't have a choice (more later) TKIP is reasonably strong.


Well WPA is not used mostly

Well WPA is not used mostly by companies because its not secure as WPA2 which used AES and 802.1x  which is amendments in 802.11i for authentication.


So bottom line is that Corporation don't use WPA because of their crackable nature and furthermore you can not name any organization who is strictly following that standard only.


Note :- FYI! Corporation  do use Many APs with different SSID bind with different security standard ,so some internal SSID may be config to use WPA because of end devices compatibility issues but mostly not used because of risk to get hacked.


Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA),

Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), which is based on a subset of the then-current 802.11i draft.

WPA was carefully designed so that hardware upgrades would not be needed. The processing power of many early access points (APs) was quite limited. The RC4 cipher was chosen for WEP because it does not require a powerful CPU. WPA retains the use of RC4 but adds features designed to address the deficiencies in the way that WEP uses the cipher:

 1. Stronger authentication: An 802.1x server, such as a Radius server, can be used to authenticate users individually.
  2. A longer key: WPA lengthens the Initialization Vector (IV) to 48 bits and the master key to 128 bits.
  3. Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) generates different keys for each client and alters keys for each successive packet.
  4. A message integrity code (MIC), or cryptographic checksum, verifies that messages have not been altered in transit and protects against replay attempts.

WPA can be used in either of two modes: Personal or Enterprise.

    Personal mode: This utilizes manually configured keys in the same manner as WEP. All clients use the same initial master key.

    Enterprise mode: The AP uses Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) to negotiate a pair-wise master key with each client individually. The AP then verifies the identity of the client with an 802.1x server. The result is that each client that is permitted to use the network is validated against information configured in the 802.1x server and uses a key different from the keys used by other clients.


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WPA2 is more secure than WPA

WPA2 is more secure than WPA . WPA2 + AES is widely deployed .

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