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Compaq Tablet PC and Cisco Aironet 340

Has anyone tried to connect a tablet PC with inbuilt 802.11b mini PCI card to a Cisco wireless network? (OS: windows XP tablet edition)

After setting network keys in the windows control panel, the tablet connects to the wireless bridge and authenticates but does not pass data - the network name of the PC is not captured.

I've tried an aironet card from a working PC, no luck - same issue.


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Re: Compaq Tablet PC and Cisco Aironet 340

Do I need to switch off something that is on by default??,10738,2877975,00.html


another challenge: how to find out which proprietary wireless technologies are supported by the devices that you're interested in. A random sampling of Web pages at Acer, Dell, HP, IBM, Sharp, and Toshiba reveals that this information is readily available only from Toshiba. The company's notebook offerings appear more flexible than others, supporting either of the two most often OEMed wireless technologies: Agere's Orinoco (recently acquired by Proxim) ,or Cisco's Aironet.

WIRELESS VENDORS like Cisco aren't the culprits. Not only did Cisco solve a problem that desperately needed solving, but there are plenty of other vendors of wireless Ethernet hardware that have built similar "walled gardens" with their proprietary technology--technology that you or your company could already be relying on.


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Re: Compaq Tablet PC and Cisco Aironet 340

I have seen problems like you describe when the WEP keys do not match. Sometimes the mapping of the ASCII string WEP Key is not computed the same on different manufacturer products. Try turning off WEP to make sure wireless works, then turn it back on using the Hex string for the WEP key.

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Re: Compaq Tablet PC and Cisco Aironet 340

we installed tablet pc's on AP1200. For europe you must set "region" on "rest of the world" It works fine with 128 wep key and mac-filtering.

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