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Compatibility between software version and Intel Wireless NIC

Hello engineers

I have many laptops with the next features:

DELL Latitude E6440

Wireless NIC card: Intel Centrino Advanced N 6235,

Driver version


What I want to know if this version of driver is fully compatible with my wireless infraestructure:


--- WLC ---

Model: Cisco 4400 Series

Software Version

--- Modelos Access Points --

-           AIR-CAP3502E-A-K9,

-           AIR-LAP1242AG-A-K9,

-           AIR-LAP1142N-A-K9,

-           AIR-LAP1042N-A-K9 


I have found the next link:


But it only says that it is compatible with driver version, so I want to know if there are any compatibility issues with Intel wireless NIC driver.


Best regards!



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Use WLC firmware

Use WLC firmware

Hi Leo!First of all thanks

Hi Leo!

First of all thanks for your quick response. I kindly ask you, do you have some Cisco's document showing this compatibility? I have to document this so, it would be very useful.







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Search the forum for Inten

Search the forum for Inten Centrino 6000 or 6100 and you should see some results.  


The thing to remember is NOT to go to the laptop/netbook manufacturer's website to get the drivers for the wireless NIC.  Instead, go to the Intel website where the drivers tend to be very updated.  


We had >5K netbooks which had these cards and we experienced issues with them particularly when 802.11n was enabled.  In the end all we did was update to drivers beyond the 15.X versions and everything went good.

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