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Config. Aironet 1100 as bridges

I have Aironet 1100 series AP's I have a span of about 1000 feet I need to put network connectivity across. I have yagi antenna's to connect to the 1100's. I need to know how to configure the 1100's as a bridge. Can anyone point me in that direction or point me to a configuration guide??


Re: Config. Aironet 1100 as bridges

this should be relatively straight forward.

there are a few steps that are required but the quick steps are as follows:

1) configure the radio settings

2) configure the SSID/VLAN settings

3) configure cipher/WEP

4) configure authentication (if required)

5) configure your antenna

6) connect your devices and test

please see the following link for the AP Configuration Guide, IOS 12.2(15)JA: (covers AP 350, 1100, 1200)

if you have not done any administration on this device or it is new, start with the 'configuring the access point for the first time' section.

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Re: Config. Aironet 1100 as bridges

Thank youfor your reply!

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Re: Config. Aironet 1100 as bridges

Do I need to setup one AP as a Root AP and the other AP as a Workgroup Bridge?

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