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Configuring 1941W embedded 801 AP problems

Hello everybody,

I'm trying to configure management access to the 801 embedded ap on 1941W.

I tryed several combinations of interface addressing:

i have to address int g0/0, int vlan 1, int wlan-ap 0 and then inside the ap i have to address int bvi1.

In some case i can ping the internal ap address but if I try to reach it by web browser i have a broken web page.

Which is the right way to address the 1941w router?

I would like to configure a single subet for my LAN, my WLAN, and my ap management address.

Is it possibile?

Is it normal that if I reach my embedded ap with a browser I obtain a faulty web page?

If i access my router (not may ap) address with a browser i have a CP express session but i need an ap management page.



Cisco Employee

Re: Configuring 1941W embedded 801 AP problems


I can see 2 main issues..

1> Configuring the wireless on 1941W.

ANS - The best practice is..

1. interface  wlan-ap0

2. ip address subnet mask or (ip unnumbered vlan 1)

3. no shut

4. interface vlan1

5. ip address subnet mask

6. exit

7. exit

8. service-module  wlan-ap 0 session

9.   When we enter into the service module, provide the IP address to the BVI in the same subnet as that of VLAN 1

10. The interface BVI will be up by now. try accessing the GUI by entering the IP of the BVI on the browser.

11. Configure the AP as per your requirement.

2> Getting the WEB GUI up and running.

ANS - "Broken Webpage" means, at the time we hit the BVI ip on the browser.. after login are we getting the ENTER button and if we hit the ENTER button nothing happens??

If so, we need to upgrade the AP module firmware to 12.4(21A)JY

dowlload the software from >> Get into the AP CLI >> point the image on the tftp server >> test the connectivity from the AP to the tftp server >> if we have the connectivity >> then issue the command..

archive download-sw / overite / force-reload tftp:////

Eg -

archive download-sw / overite / force-reload tftp://

This will solve the issue..

If the broken web page is different, i request you to let me know..



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