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Contain Rogue AP


How does the contain AP rouge really operates? I did contain certain rouge AP in the controller 4400, however the status mentioned about containment pending.

Once the rouge AP being contain,is the controller block off the signal of it?

Please advice


Re: Contain Rogue AP

The radio monitoring feature uses the radio measurement capabilities on Cisco IOS APs and Cisco Client Adapters to discover any new 802.11 APs that are transmitting beacons. Both clients and APs periodically scan for other 802.11 beacon frames on all channels. Reports of detected beacons are returned to the Radio Manager, which validates these beacons against a list of APs known to be authorized to provide wireless access. A newly discovered AP that cannot be identified as a known authorized AP generates an administrator alert. You can categorize this new AP as one of these Rogue AP type.

Rogue Access Point Details Table which may help you :

BSSID : Basic Service Set ( BSS) identifier.

State : The state of the device.

Change To Friendly AP : To add this AP to the list of recognized APs, click Change To Friendly AP. Then refresh your browser window to view the updated fault display.

Delete : To delete this unknown AP, click Delete. Then refresh your browser window to view the updated fault display. But note that It may be a few seconds before the rogue AP is deleted.

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Re: Contain Rogue AP

Thanks, for the explanation. Btw, i believe the controller had the capability to prevent client for accessing non-recognize AP( rouge). just to make sure if this blocks the signal of the rouge AP or the rouge AP still operates as well. Any idea??

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