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Converted 1231 LWAP not joining WiSM

What am I missing, or where should I be looking for clues?

On the test bench I have a WiSM v5.1x in a 6509. 6509 is providing DHCP. is in DNS.

I want to use DNS rather than DHCP opt. 43 because I already have a few hundred IOS APs deployed on various subnets.

Converted LWAP gets an IP and is pingable but it won't join either controller. Management interface of one controller is specified in DNS.

Converted LWAP is deliberately on a different vlan/subnet than controller management interface.

Factory 1131 LWAP has joined on the same AP vlan but it was "primed" by first placing it on the same vlan/subnet as the management interface. I'll try clearing it's config and rebooting to see if it has similar problems.

1231 was converted using the tool, MAC and SHA1 key added to both WiSM controllers.



Re: Converted 1231 LWAP not joining WiSM

The two main possibilities I can think of are either a problem with the initial controller discovery, or a certificate problem.

If it's controller discovery: Watching it boot up is the easiest way to figure out exactly where the problem is. What messages show up on the console during the boot/join process? If it's successfully resolving the DNS request, you'll see messages to that effect as it boots.

If the AP is successfully finding a controller but its join requests are being rejected, it may be a certificate issue. Older APs do not have a certificate preinstalled. If you used the conversion tool or WCS to convert it, a certificate would be generated as part of that process, but if you just download the LWAPP image right to the AP, it would not.

Also, even if it did get a generated certificate during the upgrade, you have to tell the controllers to permit APs with self-signed certificates (SSC) to join; by default, only the preinstalled certificates (MIC) are allowed.

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Re: Converted 1231 LWAP not joining WiSM

Straight out of the box and into your test bench, the AP has "remembered" your WiSM and is trying to associate to it.

Reset to factory default by typing the following commands on the AP:

 clear lwapp private-config (This will bring the AP to factory default.);

 clear lwapp ap ip address

 clear lwapp ap hostname

 clear lwapp ap controller ip address

Then, if the AP still will not join to the WLC, type the following command on the AP:

lwapp ap controller ip address

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