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Could not discoverWLC using DHCP - cisco WLC2504 and AP CAP1602i

Hi Guys


I have setup my lab with a MGMT static IP 10.250.0.xx on port 1


On port 2 I create an interface Vlan 99 that connects to my test DHCP on 192.168.1.xx


I can setup my access point , because it says could not contact wlc via dhcp. I need to force the AP to contact the controller on vlan 99 but the MGMT is on another net , only static.


DOes Cisco need to have a DHCP server on MGMT network? for the AP´s contact the Cap controller?



If i setup my MGMT to be on a network that as DHCP everything works. BUt in real enviroment the management does not have DHCP, so how can I set up my AP to be in the same MGMT network that controller is and all my Wireless clients to get dhcp from vlan 99 interface on port 2 of the controller ?





You can setup DHCP options to

You can setup DHCP options to tell your AP where the WLC is or my preferred option is to put the AP in the same VLAN as the WLC management.

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 Hi Michael. I agree with you


Hi Michael. 

I agree with you. Mgmt and Ap's on same vlan and clients that connect to wireless on other port and other vlan.

But the problem is that this mgmt vlan has no dhcp. So I am not able to connect Ap to WLC, so I assume that is a requirement to have dhcp on mgmt vlan.





That's correct. I put a DHCP

That's correct. I put a DHCP pool on my management VLAN. If you want to be sure only DHCP is handed out to the APs you could use a client identifier or something like that.

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Hi All, My MGMT vlan does not

Hi All,


My MGMT vlan does not have dhcp. is it possible that internal Cisco wlc DHCP server handles the AP´s addresses ? Or is mandatory that MGMT has dhcp?


If not mandatory how can I give IP´s to Ap´s?



You have to have DHCP setup

You have to have DHCP setup somewhere. You can setup DHCP subnet on the WLC to hand out addresses on your management VLAN or set it up on an IOS or DHCP server elsewhere. You need someway for the APs to get a DHCP address. If you want them on a separate subnet then you will need to configure DHCP options to point them at your controller. For simplicity I prefer to keep them all on the same VLAN and subnet. Here is a link about the DHCP options for lightweight APs

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Hi alli set up internal DHCP

Hi all

i set up internal DHCP on the same range as the MGMT  and its working



VIP Purple

Pls post "show interface

Pls post "show interface summary" output from your 2504 & the "show run int gx/x" from the switch where WLC port 1 & port 2 connected.



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Hi, I am not in the LAb now ,


 I am not in the LAb now , but I hav ethis config:


Port 1 static ip connected to a Untagged port. this network is for now isolated.


Port 2 connects to Switch  that as the network 192.168.1.xx and Dhcp server. This port is under vlan 99 and access mode. Already try to put the port on the switch as trunk.


Maybe the solution, because i don´t have DHCP on MGMT interface, is to put the controller to do DHCP on the MGMT interface to deliver addresses to the AP´s no ?


Then create a SSID and say that one goes throw vlan 99 and the wlan clients connect to dhcp under vlan 99.


Does it make any sense?



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