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Create Outdoor and Indoor Mesh Network......

I have to create Mesh Network . For this , I have plan to use CISCO 1524 As a Outdoor APs and Cisco 1140 as a Indoor Mesh APs.

I am also planning to use following Networking  Components.

1) ASA 5510

2) Wireless LAN Controller 5508

3) Access Control Server ACS

4) Cisco Router

5) 1 MBPS Leased line.

6) POE 24 Port Swicth

I our campus there are 6 buildings which are located appr. 600 Mtrs from building A (Diagram is attached). I have to connect Building A to other building like B,C,D,E,F with Mesh technology so that users can access Internet outside the building and also in the building with clear Line of Sight.

Summary of setup is as follows :

1) Building A    :     1 MBPS leased line connected to Router , Wireless LAN Controller 5508, ACS , POE Switch , Cisco 1524 Outdoor APs (Root) ,

                                Cisco 1140 Indoor APs .

2) B,C,D,C,F Building : Outdoor APs 1524 and Indoor APs 1140.

Can any body help me :

1) Above Mesh design is correct (Yes/No)  ? if Yes , How these APs (Outdoor and Indoor Aps) are connected in Mesh form so that users get Internet connectivity outside and inside the buildings.

2) If No, Any other solution or Modification

Thanks in advance for support and Suggestions.


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