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Customised Pass Though Web Templates


Our web authentication and pass though is working. However I want to customise our pass though web page so it has a welcome to company xxx title as well as a submit button to accpet the terms and connect,  and a terms button which if pressed will diplay the terms of use. I have seen this sort of page on many competitor products and I want to do this with the 4400 contoller I have without using an external webserver. Is this possible? If so any help with the html code or templates would be appriciated as  I am not a web developer and have found the examples in the manual lacking.

Thanks for any help!

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Re: Customised Pass Though Web Templates

Here is a sample of the customized web auth page I designed for our guests.  It has a disclaimer policy listed out, and then a check box at the bottom that says 'I agree'.

The username/password box is actually hidden by JavaScript until you click the 'I accept' checkbox and then the username and password field becomes visible.  It forces the user to read/agree before they can even attempt there credentials.

Just FYI, you have to rename the attached .zip file to 'login.tar' before its uploaded to the controller or before you can even open the archive to edit it's files. I removed our company logo from the .tar file so you'll notice the missing graphic.  Anyhow, you could easily take my code and probably build what you want.

Good Luck

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