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New Member

Data Rates with 3702i

I'm struggling here to understand why i can't get the data rates i was expecting with the 3702i. 

The client i'm testing with is the retina macbook pro with 802.11ac. No matter what I do i can't get connected at 1300mbit or even 1170mbit. Occasionally i get 1053. I also have a mac book air that is only connecting at 585mbit at best. But i noticed a bug fixed in recent 7.6mr3 beta code that addressed this issue.

I have 80mhz channels set both globally and in the AP's 802.11a radio configuration. 

This is a virtual wlc with 7.6.120. This is currently set up at my house and there are not a lot of wifi around me. My RSSI on the client shows -57, noise -92. My SNR hovers between 32 and 34.

The client details of the controller show me connected between m7 and m9 SS3. Doesn't seem to matter if i use 36, 40, 44, and 48 channels or 149-161. I've adjusted the transmit power level from "5" up to "2" manually as well. 

The AP is connected to a POE+ injector pwr-inj4. i originally had it connected to a 3560G that was only able to give it 15.4w.

I have also tried beta code, with very similar results.

Is there a way to verify that all 4 radios are up and operating, and that the AP is not in diminished mode because of a lack of power or hardware defect. I only have one AP to test with at the moment and it is brand new.

It just doesn't make a lot of sense. 

Hall of Fame Super Silver

Might be due to the device

Might be due to the device itself and what guard interval its using.... the rates you are showing, 1053, is a rate when GI=800ms.  See this link:

You can see if this command helps, it was introduced early for 802.11n

config 802.11 11nsupport guard-interval


To configure the guard interval, use the config 802.11 11nsupport guard-interval command.

config 802.11 a | b11nsupport guard-interval any | long}

Syntax Description



Enables either a short or a long guard interval.


Enables only a long guard interval.

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New Member

You know it's interesting

You know it's interesting that in the wired world, the speed of the link indicates how much data is transferred in or out, not both, e.g., a T1 is actually 2 links 1.5M in and 1.5M out concurrently, same for Ethernet and most all wired layer 2 technologies.

In the wireless world you are kind of tricked into speaking a 'data rate', with is actually the transmit and receive added together!  ...¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Wireless can be compared to

Wireless can be compared to on the wired side when using a HUB:) half duplex


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New Member

i dunno

i dunno

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Find a link that says 802.11

Find a link that says 802.11 is full duplex. 


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Again, taken from MARKETING

Again, taken from MARKETING documentation.  Marketing team are akin to used-car salesmen.  Their objective is to sell therefore can twist technical documentation and facts to sell.  

New Member

The Wireless Product Manager

The Wireless Product Manager was probably just trying to make a point.  

Car dealerships make bank.  See Tom Benson.  I wish I had one!

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Ok, I'm with Scott then.  If

Ok, I'm with Scott then.  If you believe we are incorrect to say that 802.11ac is a hub (one talk and everyone else stop to listen), can you please state your source?

New Member

Your machine is said to be

Your machine is said to be using the Broadcom 5G WiFi SoC w 3x3 MIMO.  So, it should be blazing fast.  Maybe turn off b/g all together just for kicks and force the 5GHz to only connect at the highest of data rates just to see what happens?

I am interested to hear if you ever got that thing going fast?