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debug capwap errors enable

Hi guys, Ive got a WLC 5508 release7.0 that is logging:

*apfMsConnTask_0: July 31 12:08:17.162: AID 1 for station 00:23:b4:e7:d2:86 already in use by 14:74:11:ae:1e:ef

apfMsConnTask_4: July 31 12:08:25.425: AID 2 for station 00:22:41:8c:41:b4 already in use by 24:ab:81:4e:d1:81

apfMsConnTask_7: July 31 12:08:49.814: AID 3 for station 1c:65:9d:d6:cc:4b already in use by e0:ca:94:57:05:e8






and so on and on

What is the meaning of this logs? I don't find forums with respect this issue and troubleshooting of cisco doesn't explain this issue.

Your help please.

best regards

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debug capwap errors enable


AID is 802.11 association identifier. This is ID is assigned by the AP to a station that associates with Layer 2 to the AP.

In your case it seems one client is trying to use the AID that is assigned to anothe client. I think we need further troubleshooting to isolate.

Do you have the reported clients (with the metnioned mac addresses in the message above) with same WLAN adapter and driver version?

is there any performance issues or disconnections with the clients?

What is the AP model? how many clients -on average- are connected to the AP when the issue happend?

Do you have the power-save mode enabled on your clients? what is the clients type?

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