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Deleting rogue APs on WLSE


We got a WLSE Release 2.9FCS. On the Location manager we have plenty of rogue access point, because there were never deleted or changed as friendly. I try to delete it one by one but there so much AP that it will take hours to do it. I've checked the documentation but I didn't found any other way to delete it. Is it possible to delete all the rogue APs at once ?

Thank you


Re: Deleting rogue APs on WLSE

If you delete a rogue and the rogue still exists in the network, WLSE will detect it the next time AP Radio Scan or Radio Monitoring runs. Deleting the rogue will not mark it to be ignored; it is removed from the system as if it never occurred.


Re: Deleting rogue APs on WLSE

1) Login to WLSE from the Web GUI as 'admin' user

2) Then point the browser to http://:1741/debug/dbquery.jsp

3) Execute the query:

select count(*) from l2devices then click query.

If the number of rows is 5000 or less use below. If it is larger than 5000 I would recommend a case to be opened with TAC as the below will probably not be successful.

1) Login to WLSE from the Web GUI as 'admin' user

2) then change the URL to http://:1741/debug/dbupdate.jsp

3) Execute the query: "delete from l2devices" and click on update

4) restart services as below:

log into the WLSE cli as admin:

services stop (wait for a couple of minutes)

services start

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Re: Deleting rogue APs on WLSE

Thank you very much !! It worked.

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