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Dell Truemobile 1150/1250's won't connect to 1200AP

I have a 1200 AP that has no security on it. It is connected to a broadband link and is used for the general public to get on the Internet. For some reason, some Dell laptops will not connect to this device using XP. We've narrowed it down to Dell Truemobile 1150 and 1250 internal wireless devices which come with D600's and Inspirons. I believe the Truemobile's are actually manufacturered by Intel.

Everything other laptop manufacturer that comes through our building seems to be able to connect without a problem.

If I replace the 1200 with a Linksys, the Dell's connect without a problem.

The laptops with problems don't even see the SSID when it scans the room. If I configure it manually into XP it still doesn't see it or connect.

If you have had any exerpiences like this and/or have some suggestions I'm all ears. This is a very simple and basic wireless network and it has been very difficult to find a solution.

My next step is to install a program such as Netstumbler and see if it can utilize the internal wireless card to see the AP.

I know this looks like a Dell problem but I've gone through them and Microsoft on this. They don't have a clue what it could be. Since a Linksys wireless router allows me to connect fine with the same broadband link I think it's worth looking at the 1200 AP as a possible problem.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Dell Truemobile 1150/1250's won't connect to 1200AP

there are a few additional settings that other vendors sometimes prefer be toggled:

1) Aironet extensions on/off (some vendors prefer 'off' - radio> settings)

2) preamble to short (the default is long - radio settings)

3) encap 802.1h (instead of rfc1042 - radio settings)

4) data rates 1 & 2M to basic & other rates to allow (radio settings)

5) multiple bssids off ('show run | include mbssid' returns nothing in the configuration)

> 6) 'no dot11 qos mode' in interface config mode (default is on)

7) vlans - some vendors have difficulty with vlans

8) wpa handshake timeout - some vendors need longer ('dot11 wpa handshake timeout' command)

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Re: Dell Truemobile 1150/1250's won't connect to 1200AP

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try this and reply back with results.

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