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Design for WAN architecture with Wireless equipements and routers


The objectif is to replace the WAN connection (Serial) by Wireless connection via ethernet. I suggest to add a new module Ethernet in the same router and to pass with wireless equipement such as BR350. Altought, I will have 10Mbps in tne WAN connection in place of 2Mbps.

My question is:

1/ It's possible ?

2/ How can I configure my router with two Ethernet module ?

3/ In the case who can I have multipoint Wireless architecture, it's possible to configure the point-to-point sub-interface in the Ethernet port (same as the serial port with Frame Relay connection for example ?

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Re: Design for WAN architecture with Wireless equipements and ro

Before you get too far ahead of yourself, take a look at the actual load on your WAN to see if 802.11b is appropriate. 11Mbps is the signalling rate - you will get a maximum of 8Mbps, which is shared and half-duplex.

The distance numbers quoted in some materials are also nominal, and may require configurations that cut throughput by as much as 90%.

If you can determine distance, Line-of-Sight clearance and actual throughput required, you will be able to find (or rule out) a wirless solution.

Matthew Wheeler

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