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Design n Deploy WiFi Network

Hello all

I have gud exp. in wired networking but a WiFi project of such extent is new for me.

1.75 users in 40 rooms with 802.11n NIC's

2.10 shall be updating considerable amount of data to server.

3.All need excellent bandwidth

Did a site survey and about 8 AP (1250) will do. (Site is such that If I stand at center of the ground floor then I can see all the rooms on my left and right on all 3 floors)

I dont wish 2go for UNIFIED solution but in future i may. So do I need to buy LWP AP's right now keeping future in mind?

Will CCNP experience be helpful for me to configure this network?? (i hav been reading alot but didnt get chance to lay hands on equipment).

Wats 2.4ghz and 5 ghz (think 5ghz is for backbone i.e. connecting AP's)

Should I wire all AP's to my spare 2650 switch along with my servers?? Yes/No. WHY??

Phew, hope Im not being too demanding but will surely appreciate inputs.

Ill post further doubts.

Thnx n regards


Re: Design n Deploy WiFi Network

If you have future plans to grow I would suggest LWAPP which has many additional feature like RRM and Roaming. 2.4 ghz and 5.4 ghz is the frequency range used for operation just like two radio channels in different frequencies. You need to connect access point to the switch which will provide connectivity to the wired infrastructure for wireless clients. CCNP is not sufficient for implementing wireless. I suggesst CWNA to begin with.

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Re: Design n Deploy WiFi Network

Well for one, if you plan on using the 1252, better plan on connecting them to a gigabit switchport to get true bandwidth. To utilize the 'N', better make sure your cards are 802.11a/n not 802.11b/g/n. With 802.11n you you bond channels together, either using the channel above or below. 802.11b/g/n can still work using MIMO technology. Maybe adding additional AP's in locations where you think the 10 users will be updating considerable amounts of data....

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