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DHCP in WLC 5508

Dear Experts,

I just get to hands-on on my new WLC 5508 and came across some bumps and hoping for some advice.

1) I'm using a single subnet eg for my wireless clients and i'm assigning them via the DHCP server from the WLC. As the clients are however made up of laptops and scanners, i would like to assign a range from 50-150 for the laptops and 151-250 for the scanners for easier identification. But it seems that from the WLC DHCP menu i'm not able to do this unless i segment them into a different network with different gateways.

2) Is there anyway to change the WLC user accounts password too? I dont seems to be able to find the option unless i delete the account and re-create it with the new password.

Thx in advance.

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Cisco Employee

DHCP in WLC 5508

1) Yes you're right, no dhcp reservations on internal dhcp

2) No you can't edit the username however password can be edited for local net user from gui.

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DHCP in WLC 5508

How about configuring scanner with static IP and configuring WLC DHCP scope from 50-150 and only laptops going to request for it. Probably you don't want this but in this way you can achive what you want.

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DHCP in WLC 5508

The best practique to resolve the problem is to use an external DHCP, like DHCP server of your router.

Re: DHCP in WLC 5508

Salam Syed.

Saravanan answered your question that it is not possible and i support him.

Umar suggested a wraround that yoy can consider.

Umar and Saravanan: +5 for both of you.

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DHCP in WLC 5508

Thanks all for the responses.

As I've thought, those are the only workarounds.

Otherwise I might've to assign static IP for all the clients.

But I will still need an internal DHCP as I have about 50 units of 1552H AP to setup.

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