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DHCP Issues

So, I have one LAP connected to a WLC.  That WLC is connected to a layer 2 switch and a router which is providing DHCP services.  Or so I hope.  The WLC is trunked to the switch, and the AP is connected to the same switch and is also trunked.

Here's my problem.  When the WLC relays to the router, the request always comes in as the mgmt IP.  I want to have different vlans from clients depending on what WLAN I have them connect to.  That ain't working.

I tried DHCP proxy and bridging mode, enabling and disabling back and forth and in both cases, the mgmt IP address comes across, and I don't have a pool configured for it (and I don't want one), so it fails.

If I configure a vlan with the IP address of the network I want to use, I can't ping the default gateway (which is on the router).  If I only creata a WLAN interface, I can ping the default gateway of the network I want to use.   I do have the IP address of the DHCP server I want to use in the configuration of the WLAN.

Is it possible to create multiple WLANs on the WLC and have them forward requests across the mgmt interface to a DHCP server and have it respond with an IP in a different network without creating vlan interfaces as well?  Why won't my vlan interfaces allow pings?  That really stumps me, as I gave them an IP in the network range, with an unassigned IP for their interface.  And, if I don't create a vlan for a given network, pings from the controller work.  Do I need an actual physical connection for a vlan to work?  

It appears to me that I shouldn't really need a vlan for this to work.  A wireless client connects to an ap on a given WLAN, and the configuration for that WLAN sends a DHCP request to the configured DHCP server, which replies with an address in it's pool.  BUT, that doesn't happen.....

Funny thing is, with an Aruba 620, this all works just fine.....


DHCP Issues

So you are right, if you link the WLAN to the apprpriate interface on the WLC, the client should be able to get an address.

The WLC is a Layer 2 device, not a Layer 3, meaning it doesn't route.


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