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DHCP problem in wireless infrustruture


Network setup

3 cisco aironet 1200 AP, one is capable of broadcasting 2 ssid (2 vlans), other can broadcast only one ssid due to old software. access points in autonomous mode, are connected to switch, which is connected to dhcp server (servers both vlans).

ssid - a is broadcasted only in room A, while ssid B is broadcasted all over the office.

I have faced the following problem:

a client senses a weak signal of ssid - a (being on the other end of the office), tries to connect to the netwok, authentication goes successful but ipaddress is never obtained. after passing the authentication client "notices" a close-by AP (received signal strenth indicator increases) that also has ssid-a configured, but not broadcasted. could it be so that after noticing a stonger signal a client is waiting for IP address from there, not listening to weaker - ap anymore, while dhcp server has already leased an ip address for client registered at ap-point with weaker signal?

problem not appearing when being in a room A, dhcp server works properly.

do you have any ideas how to solve it without buying new equipment/ ugrading software?




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only rectify the bridge mode

only rectify the bridge mode from tunnel to local on the wlc, that's enough.
if there was no DHCP server in the same sub network at the remote site, you can apply the DHCP relay on the network switch, not on the WLC.

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hello manjeets:)we dont have

hello manjeets:)

we dont have a wlc, so there are 3 AP in stand-alone mode.

there is a frouter acting as a dhcp server for both subnets (via trunk link)



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