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New Member

DHCP relay problem With 1300 and AP 1240


I have a lan with DHCP server (Microsoft) and i have extend this lan on another building with 2 Cisco 1300.

One 1300 is root bridge and other is workgroup bridge.

On the LAN behind workgroup bridge, i have 2 AP 1240 and one BSSID.

I have 30 computers trying to connect on this BSSID (WPA).

My problem is :

Sometimes, some of computers (all the sames and new computers) get an IP from DHCP but cannot ping the server DHCP or other computers on the DHCP LAN.

If i try to ping an AP 1300 or 1240 it works but i cannot cross the 1300 Bridge.

The real proble is some of the computers can cross this bridge but some other not!

And sometimes some computers get APIPA IP.

Any idea of this problem? The most difficulty is that some computers works and some other not. Not always the same (sometimes i have the problem after a reboot or screen saver).


Re: DHCP relay problem With 1300 and AP 1240

Why not change the WGB 1300 to non-root bridge? Although Cisco doesn't have limitation to the wired client supported by WGB(only the limit of 255 clients per AP), but the performance will be lowerer sharply. in your case, it's more complicated with 30 wireless client to two 1240, who knows there's how many bugs in WGB code to handle this design.

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