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DHCP Server

Need to configure an 1602 as DHCP server.

However, the 1602 need to be manageable via a separate vlan and subnet from the one the DHCP is leasing.

Management IP info:

Vlan 10

IP address:

DHCP IP info:

IP address range: 192.168.10.x/24

The clients connecting to the AP will only need to communicate within the each other within the AP network. (192.168.10.x/24)

Can I know how could this be achieve?

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DHCP Server

You can configure the AP to be the DHCP server for wireless clients but it's not recommended.  You're better off making the DHCP central to the location. 

You can easily get a computer running TFTPd32 which can act as a DHCP server.

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DHCP Server

Hi Leo Laohoo,

Yup, I do understand that the AP could be configured as a DHCP server.

I've actually tried it.

But the problem is I'm only able to lease out the Management IP(Interface BVI1) subnet.

I would actually want the 192.168.10.x IP to be leased out instead of the 10.10.10.x IP.

And the 192.168.10.x clients should not be accessing the network above the AP.

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Re: DHCP Server

Take a look at this guide first to make sure your setting up multiple SSID's and vlan's properly.

Here is a doc on setting up the dhcp

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Re: DHCP Server

Here is another link you can reference.

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Re: DHCP Server

HI Scott,

Thanks for the link.

As stated in most of the information given, the configurations were only for leasing DHCP with the same subnet address with the interface BV1 IP.

The objective of the AP in this scenario is actually to set it up as the AP as a Central Unit in an All-Wireless Network with a LAN interface connecting to switch for AP management purpose only.

AP clients will only communicate within the Central Unit only.

The Management subnet need to be different from the subnet the DHCP leasing to the AP clients.

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Re: DHCP Server

what you are trying is not supported. as soon as the ap receives the packet, if that wlan mapped vlan is tagged then it forwards the same packet with tag info to wired side. before tagging, ap does not read the packet and if dhcp then process it.

dhcp server supported only on ap management interface/native vlan only.

you can try creating multiple dhcp scopes but you need external gateway for all the vlans.

you can try creating multiple bvi interface and assign interface ip address to make L3 and it does not forward dhcp. 

ap cannot do intervlan routing.

ap allows one default gateway for management traffic.

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