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DHCP with 4404


On my wired network I have VLAN10 (for production network computers) and VLAN192 (for Public Internet access on a separate circuit.)

We purchased a Cisco 4404 WLC, and are now using WIFI to access VLAN10. My DHCP Server on VLAN10 is, and it's now leasing IPs to my wired and WIFI users.

I now want to give access to VLAN192 with my WIFI network. My DHCP for VLAN192 is, but cannot least an IP to my WIFI users. If I manually assign a static IP to my WIFI laptop, I can access VLAN192, this means that my SSID and Interface are setup correctly, but DHCP does not work on my WIFI.

Any help would be appreciated.


Re: DHCP with 4404

Do you have a wlan and dynamic interface on the controller that is bound to vlan 192 and are you allowing vlan 192 across the trunk to the controller?

Is the dhcp controller set to give 192.168.1.x addresses too? then you will need to add dhcp helper-address on the device that manages vlans/subnets


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Re: DHCP with 4404

Yes, I do have a WLAN and dynamic interface on the controller that is bound to vlan 192, and I am allowing the vlan across the trunk.

Like I said, I get access to VLAN 192 when a manually assign the IP to my Latpop. But, when I remove the IP, it searches for the DHCP server and can't find it. I do not have a VLAN interface on my Core switch because I do not want to route between vlan 192 and others.....When I physically connect my laptop with an ethernet cable in switchport assigned to vlan 192, I receive an IP from my DHCP server. It's only when I use my wireless I can't get an IP.

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Re: DHCP with 4404

Make sure you have configured dhcp correctly on the WLC. on the dynamic interface you created for vlan 192, make sure the primary dhcp is set there. Then on the SSID, make sure that dhcp override is not enabled and make sur eyou mapped the ssid to the dynamic interface for vlan 192.

Post your show run-config and your switchport config that your wlc is connected to.

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Re: DHCP with 4404

make sure if you have any vlan access-maps that permit DHCP, that they permit any eq bootps host eq bootps, as well as the normal bootpc --> bootps port pairing. That's what the controller's DHCP relay agent uses for a souce port.

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