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New Member

Difficulties with AppleTV Airplay over network

Hi All,

First of all, my apologies as I am relatively new to the IP game.  I am an engineer on a Motor Yacht, and we are having some issues with our Airplay devices.

To be honest, I have spent quite a few days on this now, and have hit a brick wall -- So hopefully you can all help.

As a background, I have gone through the cisco wlc bonjour deployment guide.  Our IT support guys were adamant the problems were related to two netgear gs108 switches we had across our network and their best advice was to buy some cisco managed switches to replace them and fix the problem.

I used wire shark on those net gear routers and they did not drop, or block layer 2 level broadcasting, but to appease them, I took them off the network and plugged all atv's directly into our switch.

Still the problems continues

To briefly describe our network, we are running

2 x CT2504-K9 WLC ( software v8.0.120.0)

5 x AIR-CAP3602e/K9 AP's

1 x WS-C3850-48PW5

1 x WS-C3560G-48PS

1 x Kerio Control Box 3130 for our internet routing.

15 x ATVs (14 Apple Tv's are wired, 1 is Wireless - We have Gen 2/3/4 atv's)

15 x Ipads

We have 5 Vlans that is segregated across our various navigational and automation (crestron) systems.

The problem we are having is AppleTV's intermittently coming on and off on Airplay.  All of our ATV's, Ipads, Mac Minis (which also do internal name resolution), are on the same VLAN5.

For example, if I am on our Mac Mini and click on the airplay icon, it might show all 15 ATV's.  This is especially true at first boot up. Then after a period of time. say 5 minutes, 4 might drop off the airplay, and its different ones -- then come back on xx minutes later.  However, I might go into itunes and click on multiple airplay and ALL ATVs show up.  Very Very odd.

If I look at bonjour browser on the same mac mini, I can see all ATV services, but still don't come up on the airplay tab.

Mac Mini is running OS X(10.8.5)

Generally, the ATV's always show up on the Ipads.  So I assume mdns is being broadcast across the wireless without issue.

Very odd and to be honest, there is nothing that is consistent in the way they drop on/off.

I have checked the cabling, and its OK.

Interestingly enough, we have a FLIR thermal imaging camera also, which is on a separate VLAN3.  It consists of the Camera itself running a Nexus server, and 3 x Joystick control units.

When we first boot the camera up, and bring the JCUS's online, they find the camera.  However, if we were to wait 20 minutes and put the JCUS into standby, then wake them up -- They will not find the camera.  The only way to find it again is to hard reboot the JCU1s.  Possibly a related issue?

If I wireshark, I can see the SSDP packets being sent.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.  If you need any information from me, please just shoot me a message.

Thanks in advance,


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You can start sharing a

You can start sharing a network map and a capture :)

Also, your goal is to find all the nodes using wireless? is a mix of both (wired and wireless)? if is the latest as I assume the AP plays a big role on your design.

You talked about layer 2, what about layer 3? check this document:


New Member



I have a network diagram attached to this, sadly we have not been provided an UPDATED network diagram since the Kerio has been installed.  Still waiting on it.

Essentially, remove the Cisco 2901 and replace it with a kerio control box, and the physical layout remains the same -- ip's have changed of course.


Number of mDNS APs............................. 5

AP Name           EthernetMAC  Number of Vlans        VlanIdentifiers
------------------ -------------------- ----------------                  -----------
ap03               2c:54:2d:9c:a0:c3        0             Not applicable
ap05              7c:ad:74:50:1b:c1         0            Not applicable
ap04              a4:93:4c:b2:59:de         0            Not applicable
ap02               0:f7:0d:f6:d5:eb            0            Not applicable
ap01             a4:93:4c:b2:5f:58           0            Not applicable

(Cisco Controller) >

See some more details below:

So this is our mdns service summary.  All of our airplay devices are on VLANs 5,10

This below table was taken at the same time the first .png capture was taken.  The 2nd, was 10 minutes later, and all services show up (except shared - galley) on the mac mini.

All services appear on the IPAD(except shared-galley) but these once again drop off occasionally.

I've also attached a few outputs that might help?  

Ok, no firewall in between,

Ok, no firewall in between, that's good. The APs are on VLAN 5 same for the AppleTV and they handout a VLAN 5 ip, right?

How important is the role of the NETGEAR for VLAN 5? have you check is not blocking any traffic of that is able to support all that multicast?


Rolando A. Valenzuela