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Dipole and Monopole Antenna

I have a customer using 1250 AP with monopole antenna, he face frequent disconnection for voice clients during roaming. Phone is forced for reregistration to call manager during the hand off. Same customer has dipole antenna in a different floor with 1250 AP and there is no issue observed for voice clients.

Is this an issue with monopole antenna ? Anybody expereinced smililar behaviour with monopole antennas ?

Which is the best antenna to recommend for Cisco APs or wht is the occasion I need to use a dipole or monopole antenna ?

Pls help me to understand the difference between them.


Dipole and Monopole Antenna


   Looking at the antenna patterns and specifications of the Monopole -vs- Dipole, I could see  th monopole having a smaller transmission lobe resulting in a difference in coverage that could cause issues with the phones since they typically require a higher Signal than a normal data client and a voice call is less friendly to packetloss. I have never used the monopoles personally.

Hope this helps.

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Dipole and Monopole Antenna

Monopole is an antenna with just the radiating element where the ground of the transmitter is connected to an electrical ground which serves as an Image ground to the radiating element. Thus the name "mono" pole.

Dipole is where the ground and the radiating elements are connected to two different elements where one is the radiating element and the other is the ground to the later. Thus the name "Di" Pole

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