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Directional Antennas?

I'm very new to the wireless world but had a question regaurding antennas. I want to setup a room with a wireless access point connected to a cable modem. This would be used by customers coming into our building that wanted internet access. The problem is that internal company users would probably be able to see the presence of the access point and attempt to connect. This would give a back door into our network that I do not want. My question is, are there antennas that are directional? Can they be set up only to broadcast in a particular direction so that the users would never see the signal with their onboard wireless NIC? I wouldn't imagine that this is possible but I thought I over heard someone say this and wanted to confirm. Also, are the access points and wireless cards manufacturer specific?

Cisco Employee

Re: Directional Antennas?


You have few options

a) Buy direction antenna and AP350E2R ( removable antenna AP )

b) here is guide to buy directional antenna

c) Enable mac address filter list so only allwed mac address can get on

d) disable broadcast ssid

e) ennable wep and tkip .

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Re: Directional Antennas?


All good answers. I'm only adding to them. You can also trun the power out put on the AP so that the RF will not get far out of the room. Also, are the access points and wireless cards manufacturer specific?: Most are Wi-Fi. Meaning, they are to work to gether , cards , AP's .......... But in some cases you my have problems.

You could also hang the AP on the outside of the firewall. If your people wanted in, they would have to go through a AAA server. And the back door is closed.

Good luck,


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Re: Directional Antennas?

I don't have any particular manufacturer in mind except Cisco at this point. Even if the AP was outside the firewall, I don't want our internal users to see the signal and then use the AP. If they see the AP then they can go outbound to the internet via that connection. If they are hard wired as well into the internal network then it turns into a backdoor into the internal network.

I appreciate all of the help and answers as they will help me determine what direction I need to go in or what answers I need to give to the people asking for this.

Thanks for the help!


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