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Disable 802.11b

  We have a couple thousand Cisco APs we manage with WCS.  We have very few 802.11b clients out there and would like to just do away with 802.11b on the network all together.  The only way I have found to "disable" 802.11b is making the 54mb data rate mandatory.  Is there another way to simply "turn off" the 802.11b radio and not the g radio?

New Member

Re: Disable 802.11b

11b and 11g (and also 11n) uses the same 2,4GHz radio. If you disable bitrates 1-11Mbps then no 11b client will have access to the network. Also if you make speeds higher than 11Mbps mandatory then 11b clients will be unable to connect. I suggest disabling 1-11Mbps and make 24Mbps mandatory and the rest supported.



Re: Disable 802.11b

There is no way to disable 1-11Mbps, one of them must be enabled.What I did is: disable 1-5.5Mbps and make 12Mbps as mandantory (everything else supported). We did not have any issues after that.


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Re: Disable 802.11b

Interesting.  I found that I coud NOT turn off 1 - 11 when using the WSM interface.  Cam

e back with an "Internal Error".  But when I used the WiSM native interface, I could disable all of the 1 - 11.  Maybe it's a bug, i don't know.  Anyway, I was asked to turn "b" back on unilt Friday.  I try it again at that time.

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Re: Disable 802.11b

Running 7.0.98

Can set WLAN Radio Policy to 802.11a/g only for the SSID

  802.11b clients can not connect.

  The 802.11b/g/n Network Data Rates do not change.

Did this two weeks ago and all seems good, no more 802.11b clients.

Question: Is this the current correct way to stop 802.11b compatibility mode on the 2.4GHz radios for each WLAN configured?

  "Just pick Radio Policy 802.11a/g only"

  "Do not change any of the Data Rates from Mandatory to Disabled or 12Mbps to Mandatory, etc?"


Cisco Employee

Re: Disable 802.11b

Ok.. The one which we do in under the 802.11b/g/n is the Global settings.. and one that we do under the SSID is specific to the SSID.. The global will override the specific..

That is... what you have done 2 weeks back is.. you have alowed b-Radio in the global settings and you are not using that on that SSID.. so if you want someother ssid to use B-Radio, then you can use..

When you Disable B-raios datarates from mandatory to disabled globally... and if you configure your SSID allowing B-Radio in the policies.. the B-CLients will drop off the connection.. they will not connect. (Since you have disabled the B-Radio globally)

lemme know how this answered your question


New Member

Re: Disable 802.11b


>lemme know how this answered your question

yes and thanks.

Just a note, when I set the Radio Policy to 802.11a/g only (just to verify, this still lets n clients work OK) I did loose Client Band Select.

This still shows enabled/checked under WCS and no indication or warning from WCS that Client BAnd Select will be disabled.

When looking from the WLC view, I see Client Band Select is disabled. When you use the WLC to set the WLAN Radio Policy to 802.11a/g only, it gives you a warning that Client Band Select will be disabled.

This is under WLAN, Advanced and it there is a note # 8 "Band Select is configurable only when Radio Policy is set to 'All'."

Ah choices ;-) Loose the 802.11b clients but also disable Band Select on the controller using this.

Looking at client ratios of 2.4GHz vs 5GHz before and after the Band Select disable, I've seen no change here so staying with Radio Policy 802.11a/g only for now.



Cisco Employee

Re: Disable 802.11b

thats nice to hear!!

It will be great if you could rate the useful posts.. which may help others to get the data easily..



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