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Discovery request received on wrong VLAN

I am setting up a new 4404 with my existing WLAN. I have a combo for 1100 and 1200 APs, on two different VLANs, with WDS on each VLAN and a WLSE. One of the VLANs is on the same subnet was the WLC management port. The other WLAN VLAN is not. I am able to join the VLAN on the same subnet to my WLC but when I convert one of my auto APs on the other VLAN, it converts but never joins my WLC. If I run a debug on the WLC I get the following.

Fri Aug 1 12:38:56 2008: 00:17:0f:37:68:60 Received LWAPP DISCOVERY REQUEST from AP 00:17:0f:37:68:60 to ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff on port '1'

Fri Aug 1 12:38:56 2008: Discovery Request received on wrong VLAN '160' on interface '1', management VLAN = '0' - in L3 mode, dropping the packet.

My WLC is on code 5.0.148. All of my APs have static IP addresses. I have setup DNS but NOT DHCP since all of them have static IP and that option 42 still confuses me. Any thoughts? My 4506 is set to trunk the port the WLC is on. I even tried to only apply the two VLANs to that port. My WLC can ping the IP of the AP on the different VLAN and my AP can ping the WLC.

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Re: Discovery request received on wrong VLAN

You need to configure the native vlan on the trunk port to vlan 160. Looks like the packet is being tagged as vlan 60 and your management interface is set to '0' which is untagged.

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