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Domain Logon fails using wireless LAN

Hi Sir,

I am setting up an ACS server to authenticate the wireless LAN users using PEAP MS-CHAPv2for one of my existing customer. They need to login to domain whenever they need to access to the network

On the wireless client's end, the OS is Xp and the client will use Windows XP wireless zero configuration. I have put in the necessary setting in order for it to support PEAP. I managed to get authenticated by checking against the passed authentications log found in the ACS.

However, the problem happens when I tried to reboot the desktop and Domain Logon appears, I was not able to logon to the Domain. I think I know the cause of the problem. It was because the wireless card is not authencated yet prior to the Domain logon screen.

How can I connect to the wireless network prior to the appearance of the Domain logon windows. There is no options for me to try in the XP wireless zero configuration to activate the wireless LAN before the Domain Logon windows comes out.

Thank you.



Re: Domain Logon fails using wireless LAN

Even if still it does not work, ensure the following:

1) Change the logon credentials for the ACS services to use a domain administrator account. Often times the local member server administrator account does not have any rights on the AD.

a. Ensure the ACS services start with the Domain Administrator account.

b. Ensure you are able to log in to the server using this Domain Administrator account .

c. Ensure the Domain Administrator account (or the account with which the services start) have privileges to log on locally, Log on as a service and Act as part of the operating system.

2) Ensure the FQDN of all domain controllers is added to the DNS names.

Re: Domain Logon fails using wireless LAN

Enable Machine Authentication in the ACS.

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