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Dual Directional Antennas

Is it possible to run dual directional antennas off a single 342? I have tried finding the information myself, but have run out of resources that might regard this. Can some one help? I am trying to expand my existing LAN segment behind and beyond current ranges.



Cisco Employee

Re: Dual Directional Antennas

If I understand your questions correctly you want two antennas on same APs pointing on different direction ?

If this is the case , answer is no .

Two Antenna connector is for the Diversity and multipath operations .

To seperate the two antennas on the AP to increase the coverage is

self defeating .

The receiver only listens to one antenna at a time , so while it is

listening to one antenna ,

it's deaf to the other , therefore no coverage area there , and

vice versa . In addition there is till loss in the rf cables which

reduces the effective range of the clients to the Ap

The best way to increase the coverage is to conduct the site survey to

determine the RF coverage and put the Ap in the appropriate areas .

* Distance is not critical . The purpose of the diversity is to overcome

multi-path reflections , therefore so long as the antenna are 1-8 feet

apart or so that would be fine

You don't want the antennas really close ( under 6 inches or so)

because they would tend to " play off each other " causing

the pattern to start to become directional when perhaps that's

not desirable

There is no "true optimum distance "

* Diversity means two different antennas covering the same area but from a

slightly different perspectives .

The angle of the antenna is what is covered by each antenna , but since

they are desinged to cover the SAME area .


New Member

Re: Dual Directional Antennas

Not sure if my last reply got through. Sorry for not clarifying. I was speaking of the AIR-BR342. Is this also the case?

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