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Email Alerts


Is there any way to configure a WAN controller (4402) to send an email alert if one of the associated Access Points (1242AG) should go quit broadcasting? I'm setting up several sites and I need to know if any of them goes down.

Thanks very much


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Re: Email Alerts

Hi Theresa,

You may want to look into using the WCS for this function;

Here is some info to get you started;

Alarm Email Notification

WCS includes a built-in email notification function that can notify network operators when critical alarms occur. Refer to the WCS Monitor > All Alarms > Email Notification page to view the current alarm notification settings.

From this doc;

Monitor All Alarms > Email Notification

Use Monitor/Alarms, then from Select a command drop-down list select Email Notification, then click GO to access this page.

This page allows you to view the alarm categories with Critical Alarm email notification enabled and disabled, the current From and To email addresses, and the current SMTP server. This page also allows you to enable and disable email notification for any or all of the Alarm Categories, and allows you to access an Alarm Category email notification setup page.

For every category except Coverage Holes, the alarm severity must be critical to trigger the email. Email notification is available only for Alarms, not for events.

Email Notification Overview

Parameter Description

Enabled Check box; Checked = Email Notification ON, Unchecked = OFF.

Alarm Category The category of Critical alarms that generate an email notification. Click any of the entries in this column to go to the Monitor Email Notification for `' page.

From Any valid Transmitting email address.

To Any valid Receiving email address.

SMTP Server The name or IP address of the SMTP server that transmits the email notifications.

From this doc;


Note: Non-critical alarms do not generate email notifications.

A WCS administrator currently has no control over which events generate alarms, when they time out, or what severity they are. On the controller, individual types of events can be enabled or disabled (such as management, SNMP, trap controls, etc.).

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: Email Alerts


Do you have updated links on managing WCS alerts the links above seem to have gone stale. I have alerting enabled on my WCS however it needs alot of fine-tuning. I also would like an alert triggered when an AP Disassociates from the WLC but I seem to be receiving alerts continuosly which I believe to be false positives. The usually come in in pairs, one stating the AP disassociated and the other it associated.

I have called cisco on the issue but the information provided has been a little vague. They have stated that this could be due to failing AP's to Network Traffic.

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