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Extending our LAN with WLAN


We have a WLC and several APs that currently work because our WLANs are on their own subnets.

We now want to extend our User LAN for wireless access. Does this mean the WLC Management Interface should be placed into the User LAN subnet and the WLAN should use the Management Interface? If I try to add a new interface that is within the User LAN I lose management access because the WLC now sees two paths back to the User LAN which causes routing issues.

How would this affect the CAPWAP tunnel? Seems redundant to tunnel the User LAN within the User LAN...


VIP Purple

Extending our LAN with WLAN

Pls clarify your requirement.  Do you want your LAN users to accesss WLAN users or something else ?

Never put WLC mgt vlan on user subnets or vise versa.



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Extending our LAN with WLAN

I want to extend our wired LAN with wireless. One big subnet with nothing in between.

VIP Purple

Re: Extending our LAN with WLAN

What is the problem you are going to resolve by merging these two ?

If you want just want to merge, then you can simply re-configure wired users with the same vlan you configured for wireless users (ie vlan assigned for dynamic interface). As long as your subnet has enough capacity both wired & wireless users should work fine.

Anyway this is not a good practice if you want to differentiate wired/wireless for security or any other reason. Due to difference between two tehnologies (wired- full duplex, wireless- half duplex) you never get same experience even if they are on the same subnet. Aslo this make complications when users having wired & wireless on same device. Then you do not know whether it will use wired or wireless as primary communication or at least will that work.

You cannot expect certain features like Multicast working for all the clients unless you configure these for wireless side of your network.



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