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Facebook Forum - Introduction to wireless technologies

Have you wondered what the world will look like in five years? Wireless is already ubiquitous and has seen rapid adoption. If you are interested in wireless space and have basic questions on wireless devices, technologies or trends, then you should attend this event.

This is a Free event and open to all. It takes place on the Facebook page. On the day of the event simply visit our Facebook page and participate.

Our host is Surendr...a BG. He is a Cisco TAC engineer (wireless)  and holds a bachelors in Electronics and Communication. He is well versed with Cisco WLC, WCS, IOS Access points, LWAPP, ISR, Switching  and Routing.

He has completed CCNP, CCNA R&S, Wireless and CCIP.

Event Time in your local timezone.

Thu, 23 Jun 2011 @  09:30 to 10:30 - PST (DST) - San Jose, United States

What is a Facebook Forum?

Facebook forum are online conversations, held at a pre-arranged time in a Facebook community.

How Do I Participate?

On the day of the event, go to you go to our Facebook fan page, be sure and click "Like" to become a member of our Facebook community!


Re: Facebook Forum - Intoduction to wireless technologies

Here's a condensed summary of the discussion from the event.

What products and technologies does Cisco offer in the wireless space?

Cisco has many products out in the market starting from the end user laptop wireless driver utility to enterprise network monitoring software.

What is Cisco’s Clean Air Technology?

WIFI has interference challenges that result from high usage of a shared spectrum. Clean Air technology aims to overcome the visibility limitations inherent in standard Wi-Fi chipsets. Cisco has created an integrated solution with patented chips and software that has been specifically designed to analyze and classify all RF activity. To read more go to

What areas are you going to use for soho segments and mid level APs? Are they working like standalone APs or is there some range for Controller agents too?

We are looking for autonomous.

Does Cisco have any 802.11N supported APs?

Yes we do have many. E.g. AP1252, AP 1140 Series , AP 1260, AP1040, CAP3500 series.

Where should people go if they want to know more and learn about wireless technologies? Can you share some good resources?

To learn the technology, start with

How can someone get certified in a wireless technology?

To get Cisco Certified in any technology, the first step is to pass CCNA R&S. After this you can start with CCNA Wireless which will give you the detailed overview on the Wireless technology followed by the product introduction and the hands on experience. Then, you can go for CCNP Wireless, Which includes 4 papers - Site survey, Mobility, Advanced Security and Voice Over WLAN. Next is the expert level certification and hands on CCIE lab.

We have so many devices that can be connected wirelessly today. With that, there should be innovation happening in managing these devices too. Can you share with us in what is happening in this space?

We have many devices and to manage then individually it can quickly become very difficult. To make it easier to manage, we have Network management tools. One example is WCS (Wireless Control System). This is used to monitor and manage the whole Unified or controller based Architecture that we have and it can monitor up to 3000 APs. Just imagine monitoring 3000 APs manually!!

Where can one get details on the channels and the radio in wireless?

Here is the Cisco document which contains this information.

Can a Wireless LAN Share Dial-up Internet Service? e.g Linux(Ubuntu)&(Windows) at the same time because currently am using (Linux)

Yes, it's certainly possible to share dial-up Internet access across a wireless home network or other.. Wireless LANs easily support the amount of bandwidth required to share dial-up Internet service. Dial-up runs at such low ...speeds, however, that Internet connections will perform sluggishly on WLANs, particularly when trying to access it with multiple computers at the same time. Try any of the following approaches to make it all work as well as can be expected.

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Facebook Forum - Intoduction to wireless technologies

Is there a spot where you can find the polar charts for the Cisco wireless products?


Cisco Employee

Facebook Forum - Intoduction to wireless technologies


I did not understand the question!! it will be great if you could brief me out a bit!!



Facebook Forum - Intoduction to wireless technologies

Sorry probally should have called them radiation patterns. What is I wanted the radiation pattern for a 3502i, where could I find that information?


Cisco Employee

Facebook Forum - Intoduction to wireless technologies

Hi Burleyman,

Sorry for the late response!!

Go to this website:

Go to the bottom of the page until you reach  the 1140.  The 3500 will share the same "signature" as the 1140.  Due to the design, the signal distributes closely  like a ball and you can mount the 3500i either from the roof or flat  from a wall.



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