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Flexconnect AP Provisioning

I have 3 AP's that I will be setting up in a remote office. Currently there is only one subnet in the office. This subnet can reach the controller via ping. Can I provision these at my local office in the current VLAN which I am using for the local AP's and define the static IP for the AP at that time? Also, since I only have one VLAN can I assign the AP static addresses within that VLAN along with having the wireless client in that VLAN as well?


For example I have VLAN 10, both switches have addresses of and, client also have addresses in that range. Can I add the AP's as,6,7. Then Can I make their native VLAN's 10 and VLAN mapping as 10.


My switch config looks like this so far.


interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1
description WAP01
switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
switchport trunk native vlan 10
switchport trunk allowed vlan 10
switchport mode trunk
switchport nonegotiate

Sure you can.Both a good

Sure you can.

Both a good practice is separate your management LAN from your Wireless Lan.

You need to think about the risk.

New Member

Agreed, however that setup is

Agreed, however that setup is outside of my control. 


As for the AP's though, should they be able to contact the controller via Layer 3 broadcast once connected remotely? I ask in case the initial configuration needs to be adjusted, these AP's are half way across the country.

I guess your WLC is in

I guess your WLC is in differente subtnet that your VLAN 10.

Remember that Router don't allow Brodcast by the default.

1.- You can use ip helper-address on your remote router, just need to indicate the management WLC's ip address.


2.- You can set the WLC ip address in every AP with this command.

capwap ap ip address <IP address>

In that way, you will send an unicast paquet.



New Member

Since IP's will be static, I

Since IP's will be static, I will have to manually set them. I haven't actually used these AP's before, but I am guessing they have a serial port on them. Would the interface IP in which the SSID is assigned to be sufficient?

1.- The AP has a console port

1.- The AP has a console port.

2.- The AP's ip address. The ap can get its ap address by DHCP or statically in Ge0/0.

3.- You have to configure the WLC's ip address in global configuration. 


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Thanks for the helpful

Thanks for the helpful information. They will definitely be static ip's being assigned to the AP's and clients connecting to them. The only thing left for me to decide is whether or not I will be using an existing WLAN or adding a new one since I am fairly certain Flexconnect can be enabled on WLANs that are using standard AP's.

Well if your users will have

Well if your users will have the same privileges, I don't see why you need a new WLAN.

Remember if you want to use Flexconnect you probably will use WPA2 for authentication.

By the have to

By the way...

you have to configure WLC IP address in ip helper-address on layer 3 interface where LAP is associated with.