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Force an AP to associate

Does anyone know of any tricks to get an access point to associate to a specific controller?




Re: Force an AP to associate

Yes, once you join the controller the first time you can drill into the AP (wireless--> select AP) you will see Primary Controller Name, Secondary Controller Name and Tertiary Controller Name. Put in the name of the controller and when the ap boots it will attempt to join the controllers in said order.

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Re: Force an AP to associate

You could configure a master controller were all new APs will connect first, more infos right here in the "The Layer 3 LWAPP Discovery Algorithm" section -->

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Re: Force an AP to associate

Errrr ... There are a number of "ways" to do this.  If you want to use GUI, George's post is the best one there is.

The GUI method can be implemented once the APs has joined the controller or when you are priming the AP.

Another method is to use CLI.  One method of the CLI will force the AP to join the controller BEFORE the AP joins one.

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