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Guest Access Account Lifetime


I would like to ask about Guest Access account lifetime on Prime Infrastructure.

As my customer said, When you create Guest account on one by one ,you can set the account lifetime for 364 days. however, when you create it by using CSV file, you can set it only for 35weeks.

is it correct?

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Step 7 Choose limited or

Step 7 Choose limited or unlimited.

Limited—From the drop-down list, choose days, hours, or minutes for the lifetime of this guest user account. The maximum is 35 weeks.

Start time—Date and time when the guest user account begins.

End time—Date and time when the guest user account expires.

Unlimited—This user account never expires.

Days of the week—Select the check box for the days of the week that apply to this guest user account.



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Dear salodh,Thank you for

Dear salodh,

Thank you for your reply!

Sorry, I've found same document and knew the maximum lifetime of guest access account is 35 weeks.

what I want to know is, the difference between when you create account by manually or by using CSV file.

If you create account one by one,the maximum lifetime account is 364 days.

but if you create account by using CSV file, the maximum lifetime account is 35 weeks.

is there any document to refer to the difference?  



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