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Has anyone ever seen your WLAN adapter connect at a higher rate than your WLAN supports?

Putting the finishing touches on a new WLAN, walking it down with AirMagnet survey to see where coverage lies.  I had a cart with three laptops on it, one of which was running the survey software.  The other two were just pinging the gateway, roaming, etc.  All three laptops had Proxim 8494 USB adapters on them.

As I was pushing the cart around, I was randomly hitting with two pinging laptops.  More than a few times, I got an unexpected upload speed of greater than 30 megabits per second.

This is strange... because the 5508 controllers do not have HT enabled.  The other thing I noticed was the WLAN adapters seemed to be attaching at MCS rates, not 802.11a rates...

At first, I thought to myself, "self.... I bet Windows has figured out how to load balance across two WLAN adapters"... and then I noticed the "MCS connection rates" of the WLAN adapters.  I put that in quotes because I suspect the adapter is misrepresenting something here, and making me believe I was really connected at 130 megabits per second.

I really think the WLAN adapter is lying, and the laptop is not doing the math correctly.  Has anyone else ever ran into this?

The two laptops were definately associated to the correct SSID, and HT is definately not turned on...

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Has anyone ever seen your WLAN adapter connect at a higher rate

Please take a look on show client detail < mac address > output form the WLC.

Also you might use a decent tool for testing performance such as iperf which should give you accurate readings

where we can verify the source of issue.

For more info about how to conduct a tes with iPerf please check the following link:

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Re: Has anyone ever seen your WLAN adapter connect at a higher r

Unfortunately I did not have time to SSH into the controller and run any debugs or show commands.

When I looked at the icon for the wireless adapter and it showed 130 Mb/s, I thought it was odd. I hit the and it really did hit that fast. The fact that it got more than 24-25 Mb/s is strange, since I have never seen anything higher. Very strange.

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