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having problem on WLC 5508

Dear All,

first of all thanks a lot for your answer and helping,

we have a WLC 5508 and having a lot of problem on device, when we are connect to wireless, then automaticly disconnect 25 minute between 1 hours. and its connecting again 1 minute between 2 minute.  it always repeats :'( what can i do about issue please help me about them.

whem i am look the log i got a several times this error

*DHCP Client Task: Dec 29 18:40:08.221: #DHCP-3-BIND_SRPORT_ERR: dhcp_support.c:373 Binding service port failed.


Re: having problem on WLC 5508


Click on your WLAN name and then advance tab. Is session timeout check boxed and if so does it say 1800 seconds? If so this means the wlc will kick the user every 30 minutes. Not saying this is your issue, but it could be a place to start ..

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Re: having problem on WLC 5508

Hi Sefa,

Go to Monitor -> Interfaces -> Service-Port and have a look at the configuration.

I think that DHCP is enabled for the service port (the Ethernet interface on the left side of  the controller that you may or may not use) and the Ethernet is either not connected or it's connected to  a LAN where it can't get a DHCP lease.

Disable DHCP on service port interface and configure static IP address on that port stops this message.

in other words:

Check Service port for DHCP address. Change service port to static IP address, Save config error should go away.

or Enlarge the Network Pool.


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Re: having problem on WLC 5508

If the service port is down, it should not complain about dhcp binding, What is the message freq., it seem to be an cosmetic bug. Workaround is mentioned above.

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